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7 creative ideas to make awesome canvas art using stencils


Stencils are a gem when it comes to creating instant paintings. You don’t have to be a professional artist to create attractive canvas paintings. All you need is a bit of imagination, experimentation, and of course, a stencil.


Creating canvas art with stencils is easy. Some quick ideas include pop art with a series of similar-sized canvases. Two canvases could also be combined to create foreground and background respectively within a painting. Making patterns and repetitive design projects are also done with stencils, and much more!


You can even take things one step ahead and introduce as many stencils as you like in a single project. There could be a million possibilities, but before you begin, make sure to have spray paint or acrylic paints and brushes by your side.

1.    Create pop art using stencils

Are you trying to create a set of the same paintings? The biggest advantage of using stencils for canvas art is that you can replicate the same design easily.


You can create great pop art using stencils. We would recommend you try it out with a simple animal moti. Keep around two to three shades in your color palette. You can use acrylic paints and a normal big paintbrush to get quick and artistic effects.


Make sure the canvases are all of the similar sizes. Squares are the best format to go with, as you can create a bigger square arrangement by hanging the artwork together.


2.    Make sign art on canvas using stencils

Plain old signs can get boring. If you want to give somebody a warning or perhaps convey another message, why not do it in style?


For example, you can put up a no parking sign outside your home using plain canvas art. Now isn’t that a creative way to claim your outdoor space? To create contrast in this canvas art sign project, keep one color bright and the other one dark.


So you could use bright red for the background, and white for the sign or text that goes above it. It’s best to completely paint the canvas in a single color. Then use the stencil above it - avoid leaving any space for the text or sign. To make things simpler for this project, use spray paint cans instead of acrylics.


3.    Create an array of patterns using stencils

Geometric and floral patterns are never out of fashion. With stencils, you can easily paint your favorite design on canvases of similar sizes. For an extra tip, try creating an entire wall full of patterned paintings.


Isn’t that a cool way to create wallpaper, minus the wall paint and paper? Even if you don’t want to fill the entire wall, simply create a horizontal or vertical arrangement of as many canvases as you’re comfortable with or find suitable.


4.    Use hand-lettered or calligraphic stencils for canvas art

Hand-lettering always takes the win. Whether you want to express your feelings to someone with a quote, or even want a generic ‘home sweet home’ up outside your gate. You don’t need an occasion to play with the power of words.


Keep things simple by expressing a feeling or emotion such as love using this stencil. You could even combine two canvases to give to your loved one. This quote also makes for a great romantic expression.


5.    Tiny motifs stencil art

Maybe big symbols or patterns aren’t your things after all. Perhaps you like tiny stars or flowers, but that could take a lot of time to paint. So what you can do is get a stencil and then simply paint over it.


Instead of canvas art, you can also use a stencil with small motifs to create backgrounds of art journals and wrapping papers. You can even use it to create the first layer of a canvas painting. After that, you can paint an animal, car, human, or any other subject over it.


You could also try it the other way around. Pick up a home decor painting that you already have and then use a stencil to paint butterflies, stars, or other small objects over it. All in all, it’s a great way to add layers to your canvas art project.


6.    Create a full landscape or scene using stencils

Using two stencils is a great way to quickly make the background and foreground of your painting. It’s quick and the results look very professional and artistic.


This one is a great method for modern and minimalistic art and design. It keeps things simple but at the same, it provides a narrative as well. So if you’re into the storybook illustration type artwork, this is the perfect pick for you.


For example, you can combine this cowboy stencil with this walking bearto create an interesting landscape or scene on a canvas.


7.    Layered paintings

Finally, what if you want to take your stencil canvas art to another level? If that’s the case, layered stencils can help you achieve realistic effects or poster-like illustrations.


A typical set includes two to three layers. Guidance is provided as to which layer needs to go first. So after laying down the base color using the first stencil, you use the rest of the stencils to add details - one on top of the other. This Arnold Schwarzenegger stencil is the perfect example of a three-layer art design.



So there you go - 5 amazing and quick canvas art ideas for you to try out! But remember, these are just starting points. There’s no end to what your imagination can do when it comes to paintings.  If you want to take your exploration to another level, we recommend you check out our canvas art, painting, and art stencil collection.