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Wooden floors look classic. They’re perfect for the simple look but sometimes, this minimalism can feel dull. Perhaps you’ve experienced a point where you became tired of looking at it and felt tempted to make some changes.

But you don’t want to opt for renovation. After all, it’s expensive, and what if you just end up getting bored of the look all over again? So instead, you can try out using stencils to decorate your wooden flooring!

Using stencils on wooden floors can result in a wide range of decorative designs. A basic grid can be used to lay down a pattern that follows the square tile format. Alternatively, a simple shape can also be repeated using equal divisions of the room’s divisions. Vertical designs per plank can also be painted, and much much more.

Feeling confused? Let’s explore the 5 creative stencil ideas in detail.

1 Make a grid of patterns

Wooden flooring is unlike tiles. You won’t already have a grid layout to guide you. So first things first, you would need to create a proper outline for painting patterned tile-like designs on the top.

Measure the dimensions of the room properly. Then use a washable marker to draw the lines. You could use a long measuring tape to make the process easier. Another easy way to make the divisions is to calculate the dimensions of each square.

Then you can use construction paper or tracing paper to create a square that’s going to represent each tile. Use that as a template to draw out each tile. Get a custom stencil made of the same size and you’re ready to paint into each square!

2. Use simple shapes with regular spaces in between

You can pick a simple shape such as a circle, oval, or square and maintain an equal distance between each stencil layout. Next, divide the entire area into equal portions of rectangular or square spaces.

So what you end up having is one design being repeated 3 to 4 times. It all depends upon the number of sections you make and also the dimensions of each space.

3 Use stencils with long designs

What if you’re not a fan of grid layouts and square tiled patterns? No worries, all you need to do is get longer and thinner stencil designs instead. These are simple to use on wooden planks as they can cover the entire piece in one go.

You can apply these stencil designs to every alternate wooden plank. That way, the entire space wouldn’t look crammed or jam-packed with design. Tiny and long floral designs are the best for such wooden floor decor.

4 Pick colors according to contrast

Picking the right color can have a dramatic effect! If you have dark brown wooden flooring and want high contrast, you can use a lighter paint shade such as fawn or beige.

But if you want to keep the contrast low, it’s better to use a color that’s closer to the shade of the wooden floor. You can also choose a neutral color like white, or even better, black – to give a cutout effect.

If you want to add variety to the design of your wooden flooring, pick multiple shades and hues of the same color. So if you want white stenciled designs, you can pick off white, warm white, cool white, and so on. This is the best choice for a room that’s big enough to handle a variety of different colors.

For smaller rooms, it’s best to leave negative space and not go heavy with the color variety or even dark with the colors. The darker the color, the more likely it is for the space to feel smaller and suffocated.

5 Create a dim central focal point

Don’t like going for full-fledged floor patterns? How about creating a design that’s in the middle of the room? That way, it not only creates a point of interest but also serves as a good balance between positive and negative space. Pick a neutral color like white or fawn to make a circular or rectangular pattern in the middle.

6 Create a visual bohemian carpet

Life isn’t only about neutral colors, is it? If you love more of the bohemian look or colorful patterns, then think of using bright chalk paints. Think of creating a cute chalk-like design effect with a giant circular mandala pattern in the middle.

Circles look harmonious and appealing in the middle. But if you want to add more interest, you could even create a box around the circular design. Overall, this would create the effect and charm of a visual carpet.

7 Paint borders near walls

If you want to go completely simple, then pick stencils that consist of small circles, rectangles, squares, or other shapes. So you could have one simple long stencil or even one that has tiny patterns in it.

Simply repeat the stencil design as many times as you want on the wooden edges near the walls. The greater the repetition, the heavier the design will turn out. For example, you could get a stencil with stars and have a trail of stars painted along the edges.


All in all, remember to take accurate measurements. You must get the length of the walls and the distance between them right. There could be many variations in terms of layout, colors, and motifs. So it’s up to the kind of vibes you want the room to have.

You’d need to get custom stencils made. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all for creating stencil designs on wooden floors! Have a look at our customs stencil services to order one that’s just right for you.

Whatever you do, remember not to use spray paints as they can get very messy! You’ll end up spreading the paint everywhere, which will lead to an untidy design. Watch this space for more tips on how to paint on wood.