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Custom Stencils are a great way to add personality to any room in your home. They’re also an easy way to create a unique look without spending a lot of money on new furniture. You can decorate your living room walls, floors, entryways, furniture, and more we can’t take to the finishing line.

What is custom stenciling?

Custom stenciling is basically a way to paint or design by taking the help of a custom-made stencil. It can be made of various metals like steel, plastic, wood, etc. Designs or patterns is been cut out on a piece of metal so that you can paint over it, and it will bring out your custom design on the specific floor you want to paint on. We recommend Mylar plastic sheets to make a custom stencil as it is reusable more than a thousand times and bendable.

How to make a custom stencil?

Well, you can make your own custom stencil at your home by using a printer and an antic utter. Just need to print out your design on a piece of paper and attach it with a durable metal as we have suggested Mylars plastic sheet. Cut the plastic sheet according to your design, and it will be ready to use. If you have a laser cutter machine you may use that also. We can also help you with your custom stencil as we do image-to-stencil, and we have a design team for that. Contact us for your custom-made stencil here.

How does our custom stencil tool work?

We have a few steps you can follow to get your custom stencil made quickly within a few days. The steps are 1. Go to our custom stencil listing. 2. Select your design size (In the listing the sizes are for the designs not for the sheet size) 3. Upload your image order whatever design file you have. 4. Place your order with the quantities you need.

After that, you will get a confirmation of your order placement, and we will contact you once we complete the design and transforms it into a stencil. Our design team will contact you through email to get the proof approval, and you will be able to request corrections also. Proofing takes normally 48 hours max or less.

Once you approve your design proof file, we send it to our laser, and it does the rest. We do the shipment on the same day, and you will get your stencil delivered within 5-7 days maximum.


If you want to know more about our custom stencil or have any questions, you can contact us through our live chat section. We are available 24/7 there to help you with your custom stencil.